The Photon Day October 9th 2020

  • Date: –12:00
  • Location:
  • Contact person: Olle Björneholm
  • Seminarium

To promote photon sciences at UU, we invite you to the Photon Day, October 9! There will be four interesting talks, including one by the winner of the 2019 "Uppsala Photon Science Award”. The Photon Day will only be given over zoom.


10.15 Welcome and intrduction

10.20 Elisabeth Blackburn (LU): Using X-rays to illuminate the state from which high temperature superconductivity develops

10.45 Martin Högbom (SU): Toward geometric structures of high-valent metal-oxygen intermediates in di-metal protein cofactors by XFEL crystallography

11.00 Clara Saak (UU),  winner of the 2019 "Uppsala Photon Science Award”: Molecular Interaction at the Surface of Aqueous Solutions

11.25 Filipe Maia (UU): TBA

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