MAX IV in-kind 2022


Uppsala University, like other Swedish universities, contributes to the financing of the Swedish synchrotron radiation facility MAX IV. For UU this means a contribution of 9 MSEK/year for the period 2019-2023, and funds for this has been allocated. Of the 9 MSEK/year, 8 MSEK/year can be in the form of in-kind contributions. The Center for Photon Science has been given the task to gather possible in-kind contributions. Find more details here.

These could be of many types, for example:

  • Development, construction and/or procurement of instrumentation
  • Development of data analysis tools
  • Allocating staff to temporarily work at MAX IV
  • Arranging courses
  • Continuation/extension of exisiting projects
  • ...

Please note that:

  • Our suggestions have to be accepted by MAX IV as part of its operations budget. 
  • If you submitted a project in 2021, please resubmit it now if it is still relevant. 

Step 1: Discuss any ideas with your contacts at MAX IV and with us!

Step 2: Send simple and short project idea descriptions (1-2 pages, including your name and contact details, your contact at MAX IV, and for which beamline(s) the proposal is intended) by reply to this mail, no later than May 13, 2022

After this the projects will be discussed with MAX IV management, that will take the final decision on which projects to accept.

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