Scientific opportunities with X-rays presented by leading scientists


The Center for Photon Science at Uppsala University invites you a seminar series over zoom on some  scientific opportunities with X-rays presented by leading scientists.

24/9 13.15: Laboratory cryo x-ray microscopy (Hans M Hertz, Biomedical and X-Ray Physics, Dept of Applied Physics, KTH)
26/10 Scientific opportunities at the Softimax beamline (Jörg Schwenke, MAX IV)
11/11 13.15 Scientific opportunities at the Swedish beamline at PETRA III (Ulrich Lienert and Martin von Zimmermann, DESY)
19/11 14.15 Analytical X-ray Physics (Birgit Kanngiesser, TU Berlin)

The zoom link to all the seminars is


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Last modified: 2021-09-23