Organization and People

The center is run by a director and a board, consisting of representatives from the involved sections. A detailed description of the organisation can be found in the instructions for the center. If you are interested in photon science, or if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our director or boad members!

Director and Board Members

Olle Björnholm

Olle Björneholm
Director Centre for Photon Science
Stefan Knight Stefan Knight
Chair Centre for Photon Science
Reprentative Cell and Molecular Biology
Sofie Sanchez Sofie Sanchez
Representative Organismal Biology
Herma Dürr

Herman Dürr
Representative Physics and Astronomy

Martin Sahlberg Martin Sahlberg
Representative Chemisty
Natalia Martin

Natalia Martin
Representative Materials Science and Engineering

Lars Osterlund Lars Österlund
Representative Materials Science and Engineering
Jaroslaw Majka

Jaroslaw Majka
Representative Earth Sciences

Carl Nettelblad Carl Nettelblad
Representative Information and Technology
Mark Lubberink Mark Lubberink
Representative Surgical Science

Student Representative

Former Members

  • Maria Selmer
  • Mark Lubberink
  • Per Hansson
  • Peter Lazor
Last modified: 2023-02-27